Water Dispenser Price in Pakistan | Today’s Latest Rate 2024

Water dispensers make safe drinking water easy to reach at home and work. They simplify home tasks like boiling water and refilling pitchers. Office water dispensers boost productivity and well-being by keeping workers hydrated. With their lowest water dispenser are important to modern life.

We’ll compare prices from Rs 300 to Rs 38,480 for affordable and premium options. Learning about price factors and water dispenser kinds can help readers make informed purchases. This article will guide you through Pakistan’s current market for low-cost or cutting-edge water dispensers.

Today Water Dispenser Price in pakistan

Water Dispenser Price in Pakistan

Water dispenser prices in Pakistan range widely, from Rs 300 for basic versions to Rs 38,480 for premium options. Market features, brands, and quality vary by price. There are options for everyone, from budget-friendly to high-end dispensers.

Product NamePrice
Gaba National GN-0919 Water Dispenser Without Glass DoorRs. 32,040/-
Gaba National GNW-0319/22 TT Water DispenserRs. 29,640/-
Gaba National GNW-2317GD Water DispenserRs. 21,000/-
Water Block 40×120 For Thermo Electric CoolerRs. 700/-
Gaba National GNW-2100-177 Glass Door Water DispenserRs. 38,480/-
Water Block 40×40 For Thermo Electric CoolerRs. 300/-
Gaba National GNW-2417GD Glass Door Water DispenserRs. 21,000/-
Gaba National GNW-2100-176 Without Door Water DispenserRs. 34,320/-
E-Lite 178T Water Dispenser Table TopRs. 25,340/-
Water Block 40×80 For Thermo Electric CoolerRs. 500/-
Gaba National GNW-2200/176D Glass Door Water DispenserRs. 35,520/-

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Types of Water Dispensers

Regarding water dispensers, there are a few different varieties available to cater to a variety of preferences and requirements, including the following:

  • Bottled Water Dispensers: These dispensers accommodate standard water bottles on the top or bottom, providing a convenient solution for both homes and offices.
  • Bottleless Water Dispensers: Connected directly to the water supply, bottleless dispensers offer a continuous flow of filtered water without the need for bulky bottles.
  • Countertop Water Dispensers: Compact and space-saving, countertop dispensers are ideal for smaller kitchens or personal offices where floor space is limited.
  • Bottom Load Water Dispensers: With the water bottle located at the bottom, bottom load dispensers make it easy to replace bottles without the need for heavy lifting.

Factors Affecting Water Dispenser Price

When buying a water dispenser, you must understand the many factors that affect price. Every aspect of the dispenser type, feature, brand reputation, capacity, and extra features affects the price. Let’s examine these factors to see how they affect water dispenser prices.

Type and Features

The type of water dispenser determines its pricing. Simple bottled water dispensers to cutting-edge bottleless ones serve varied functions. Simple and common, bottled water dispensers cost less. A bottle-less dispenser that connects directly to the water supply costs extra due to its convenience and continuous filtration.

Brand and Quality

Brand reputation and product quality impact water dispenser prices. Reliable, satisfied brands may cost more than generics. Credible companies charge more for quality, durability, and after-sales support. These companies use superior materials, R&D, and tight manufacturing standards to provide durable products.


Another factor affecting water dispenser pricing is its liter capacity. Dispensers range from modest countertop units for personal use to large floor-standing systems for offices or families with high water demand. Greater dispenser capacity means greater pricing.

Additional features

Besides their essential tasks, many water dispensers offer features to improve user experience and convenience. Possible features include LED screens, touch controls, energy-saving settings, self-cleaning systems, and water level indicators. While these features make the dispenser more useful, they also raise its price.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customer ratings strongly affect water dispenser purchasing. Users’ opinions on a dispenser’s effectiveness, dependability, and contentment are vital. Real user reviews can assist buyers evaluate the dispenser’s pros, cons, and suitability. User reviews can help buyers by highlighting pros, cons, and personal experiences.

Importance of user feedback:

  • Provides firsthand insights into dispenser performance and reliability.
  • Highlights strengths, weaknesses, and overall satisfaction.
  • Helps prospective buyers make informed decisions.

How to interpret reviews:

  • Look for patterns and trends across multiple reviews.
  • Prioritize detailed reviews with specific examples and anecdotes.
  • Consider the credibility, relevance, and context of each review.
  • Pay attention to reviews from verified purchasers or reputable platforms.

Maintenance Costs

Water dispenser maintenance should be factored into the price. Filter replacement costs a lot. Update dispenser filters regularly, depending on the manufacturer, to preserve water quality. Some filters need replacing every few months, while others last a year.

Maintenance costs include service expenses following filter replacement. Water dispensers may need maintenance due to wear, leakage, or component failure. Service prices vary on dispenser warranty and maintenance. Small maintenance can be done by the user, but major difficulties may require expert aid, raising costs.

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Conclusion of Water Dispenser Price

In conclusion, water dispensers come in a variety of types and price ranges, catering to diverse consumer preferences and requirements. By understanding the factors influencing prices and considering individual needs, one can make an informed decision when purchasing a water dispenser in Pakistan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are bottle-less water dispensers more expensive than bottled ones?

While the initial price may be higher, bottle-less water dispensers eliminate the recurring expense of purchasing water bottles, making them cost-effective in the long run.

How often should water dispenser filters be replaced?

Filter replacement frequency depends on usage and water quality but generally ranges from every 3 to 6 months.

Can water dispensers be used with both bottled and tap water?

Some water dispensers are compatible with both bottled and tap water, offering versatility to users.

Do premium water dispensers offer better filtration?

Premium water dispensers often come with advanced filtration systems, providing superior water quality compared to basic models.

Are there any energy-saving features available in water dispensers?

Yes, many modern water dispensers are equipped with energy-saving modes and timers to conserve electricity when not in use.

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