Today Solar Panel Price in Pakistan July 2024

The Solar Panel Price in Pakistan usually runs between 21,000 to 35,750 Pakistani Rupees. This price range represents the varying factors such as panel quality, efficiency, and installation difficulty. As the demand for green energy options grows and technological advancements continue, the prices of solar panels are expected to become even more competitive, making solar energy increasingly accessible to individuals and companies across the country.

Today solar panel price in pakistan

Branded A Grade Solar Panel Price List

In today’s market, the prices of Branded A-grade solar panels in Pakistan vary based on the brand and specs. Here are some of the possible options:

Brand NamePrice/PKR
Longi single Glass solar panel priceRS. 35/watt
Longi bificial double glass solar panel CostRS. 36/watt
Longi bificial double glass Hi-Mo 7 solar panel pricesRS. 38/watt
Longi Hi-mo 6 BificialRS. 37/watt
JA single Glass solar panel RateRS. 34/watt
JA bificial double glass solar panelRS. 36/watt
JA N type solar panel CostRS. 37/watt
Jinko single Glass solar panel RS. 35/watt
Jinko bificial double glass solar panelRS. 36/watt
Jinko N type solar panel priceRS. 37/watt
Trina single Glass solar plate priceRS. 36/watt
Trina N Type solar panel RatesRS. 38/watt
Canadian TopCon solar plate priceRS. 39/watt
JM Solar Panel DocumentedRS. 35/watt
ASTRO Energy Solar Panel DocumentedRS. 35/watt
RENA Solar Panel DocumentedRS. 35/watt
Phono Solar Panel DocumentedRS. 39/watt

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B-Grade Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

B-grade solar panels offer a cheap option for those looking to harness solar energy in Pakistan. These panels, while slightly lower in efficiency compared to A-grade panels, still provide reliable power output at a fair cost. Here are some choices offered in the market:

SpecificationsTotal Price Per Plate
Jinko 550 watt B grade non-documented size 45/90Rs. 17000
Longi 550 watts B grade size 45/90Rs. 17000
Canadian B grade 650 wattsRs. 27000
JA 550 watts B grade non-documented size 45/90Rs. 17000
650 wattsRs. 27000
450 wattsRs. 15699
350 wattsRs. 14999

540 Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

The prices of 540-watt solar panels vary slightly among different brands. Longi and Jinko offer their panels at 22,680 PKR each, while JA provides a competitive option at 21,600 PKR. Canadian Solar’s half-cell variant is priced higher at 23,760 PKR, reflecting its enhanced technology and efficiency.

Solar PanelsPrice
Longi 540-Watt Mono PERC Solar Panel22,680 PKR
Jinko 540-Watt Solar Panel22,680 PKR
JA 540-Watt Solar Panel21,600 PKR
Canadian Solar 540-Watt Half Cell Solar Panel23,760 PKR

Latest Branded Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

The solar panel market in Pakistan boasts a range of renowned brands like Longi, JA Solar, Jinko, and Canadian Solar. Known for quality and innovation, these brands offer reliable solutions for residential and commercial installations. Customers can choose from a variety of options tailored to their specific needs.

BrandPrice Per WattPanel Price
Canadian Topcon solar panel 575-watt priceRs. 36.50Rs. 20987
JA 550 Bificial/double glass tier one Agrade 45/92 sizeRs. 34Rs. 18700
Jinko p type Bificial a grade tier 1 solar panel 540 wattsRs. 44Rs. 24840
Longi HiMo 5 540/535 watt single glass p type Bificial 90/45Rs. 36Rs. 20350
Jinko N type 580 watt bifacial solar panelsRs. 36.50Rs. 21170
Longi Hi-Mo 7 580 watt single glass 18 bus bar n type size 90/45Rs. 37Rs. 21460
Jinko p type a grade tier 1 solar panel 555 wattsRs. 34Rs. 19425
JA N type Bificial 580 watt 16 bus bar 45/92 sizeRs. 36Rs. 20880
Jinko N type 580 watt a grade documented priceRs. 36.50Rs. 21170
Longi Hi-Mo 6 565/575/570/580/585 watt single glass size 90/45Rs. 36Rs. 20880
Canadian 550 watts single glass a grade priceRs. 34Rs. 19250
Longi HiMo 5 560/555 watt single glass p type mono facial panel size 90/45Rs. 36Rs. 20720
JA 565 watts single glass tier one Agrade 45/92 sizeRs. 34Rs. 19210
Jinko p type a grade tier 1 solar panel 560 wattsRs. 35Rs. 19600
JA 550 watts single glass A grad documented Price 45/90 sizeRs. 34Rs. 18700
Canadian 555 watts Tier 1 single glass a grade documentedRs. 34Rs. 19425
Canadian 545 watts single glass a grade priceRs. 34Rs. 19075
650 Canadian watt solar panel price in PakistanRs. 34Rs. 22750

Solar Panel Manufacturers in Pakistan

The solar panel manufacturing business in Pakistan is growing, with numerous credible companies adding to the country’s green energy area. Among these producers are Green Cloud, Premier Energy, Tesla Industries, Voltaic Power, and Suntech Solar. These enterprises play a crucial role in expanding solar technology and making sustainable energy solutions more affordable to the Pakistani people.

  1. Green Cloud: Leading solar panel maker in Pakistan, known for quality and innovation. Trusted nationwide for safe and efficient solar options.
  2. Premier Energy: Dedicated source of complete solar energy solutions for home, business, and industrial clients in Pakistan. Focus on customer happiness and sustainability, making them a top choice for installations nationally.
  3. Tesla Industries: Stands out with cutting-edge solar panel technology, hoping to revolutionize Pakistan’s renewable energy environment. Emphasis on research and development provides state-of-the-art solutions to meet evolving customer wants.
  4. Voltaic Power: Committed to making high-performance solar panels to resist Pakistan’s climate. Renowned for durability and dependability, trusted by both home and business clients.
  5. Suntech Solar: Expert in making efficient and environmentally friendly solar panels. Dedication to sustainability and innovation has placed them as a key player in Pakistan’s solar energy market, offering reliable solutions for a better future.

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Conclusion of Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

In conclusion, the market for solar panels in Pakistan shows that more and more people are switching to clean energy sources. Solar panels have become a good choice for both homes and businesses because many brands offer prices that are affordable and new technologies. There are many choices, so users can find the best way to meet their energy needs and help make Pakistan a better, more sustainable place to live in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the Normal price ranges for solar panels in Pakistan in 2024?

A-grade Solar Panel Price in Pakistan range from Rs 40 to Rs 58 per watt. A 500-watt solar panel costs between Rs 21,000 and Rs 33,640. Total system cost varies based on brand, size, and wattage.

How does the recent tax reduction impact Solar Panel Price in Pakistan?

The recent tax removal by the Pakistani government has led to a drop in solar panel prices. Estimates suggest a drop of Rs 3 to Rs 5 per watt compared to prices before the tax relief.

Are there any big names of solar panels that tend to be more expensive in Pakistan?

Generally, solar panels with newer technologies like N-type and bifacial tend to be more expensive than standard P-type panels. Additionally, well-known foreign names might carry a small premium compared to lesser-known brands giving similar wattage.

Besides brand, what other things can affect the Solar Panel Price in Pakistan?

Besides brand, several things can influence Solar Panel Price in Pakistan. These include:

1- Wattage: Higher wattage panels usually cost more per panel but can be more efficient in terms of room usage.
2- Type of panel: Monocrystalline panels are usually more expensive than polycrystalline panels, but they offer better performance.
3- Warranty: Panels with longer warranties might come at a slightly higher price point.
4- System size: The total cost of a solar system rises with the number of panels needed to meet your energy needs.

Where can I find the current prices for different solar panel choices in Pakistan?

Several resources may assist you obtain the most recent prices for solar panels in Pakistan. Here are a few choices:

1- Solar panel company websites: Many solar panel companies in Pakistan have websites where they show their goods and prices.
2- Online markets: Some online sites specialize in solar items and may provide price comparisons.
3- Contacting solar panel installers: Obtaining quotes from reputed solar panel installation firms can give the most exact price based on your unique needs and brand preferences.

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