Aluminium Window Price in Pakistan Today Rate July 2024

Aluminium windows are very popular for both homes and businesses because they last a long time, can be used in many ways, and look good. They are a sturdy alternative to wooden windows that range in price from Rs. 1,100 to Rs. 1,500. They are strong without being too heavy. They are a flexible choice because they can be used with many types of buildings.

It also doesn’t rust, which makes it last a long time, especially in harsh environments. They also don’t need much upkeep, which makes them perfect for busy people and businesses. Even though market trends are changing, aluminium windows are still a popular choice because they look good and work well.

Aluminium Window Price Today

Aluminium Window Price in Pakistan

When it comes to purchasing aluminum windows Prices in Pakistan, it’s essential to consider different suppliers and their pricing. Below is a table showing the price range per square foot for aluminum windows offered by different companies:

CompanyPrice per Sq.Feet (updated)
Master AluminumRs. 1,100 – 1,485
Prime AluminumRs. 1,220 – 1,398
GR AluminiumRs. 1,100 – 1,295
Chawla AluminiumRs. 1,280 – 1,480
Standard AluminumRs. 1,100 – 1,500

Aluminium Window Rates in Pakistan are indicative and may vary based on factors such as size, style, and additional features. It’s advisable to request quotes from multiple suppliers to compare prices and find the best deal for your specific needs.

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Top Aluminium Companies In Pakistan

  • ALCOP – Aluminium Company of Pakistan
  • Standard Aluminium Industries (PVT) LTD
  • Prime Aluminium Industries
  • Ittehad Aluminium Industries
  • Pakistan Alco – Premier Aluminium Company
  • Karachi Aluminium Industries
  • Ferozsons Laboratories Limited

Benefits of Aluminium Window Price

  • Durable and Long-Lasting: Aluminium windows are strong, lightweight, and resistant to rust, corrosion, and weather harm. This leads to a long lifespan with minimal upkeep.
  • Energy Efficient: Modern aluminum windows can be made with thermal breaks and insulating glass to improve energy efficiency. This could help in reducing your expenses for both heating and cooling.
  • Low Maintenance: Unlike wood windows, aluminum windows won’t rot or warp, and they don’t require frequent painting or staining. A simple cleaning is all they usually need.
  • Fire Resistant: Aluminium is naturally fire-resistant, giving an extra layer of safety for your home or building.
  • Eco-Friendly: Aluminium is a sustainable material that can be recovered repeatedly without losing its quality.

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Conclusion Aluminium Window Price

In Conclusion, aluminium windows have some advantages, such as being long-lasting, easy to maintain, energy-efficient, and allowing for more design options. They are still a popular choice among Pakistani companies and homeowners, even though they may have some problems, such as the ability to conduct heat and the high cost of installation. Since many sellers offer low prices, it is important to think about things like quality, reputation, and warranty before making a purchase. Putting in aluminium windows can make Pakistani homes look better, feel better, and be worth more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are aluminum windows preferred over wooden ones?

Aluminum windows are favored for their durability, low maintenance, and resistance to rust and weather damage, unlike wooden windows which can rot and warp.

Which companies in Pakistan offer aluminum windows?

Some notable companies in Pakistan offering aluminum windows include ALCOP, Standard Aluminium Industries, Prime Aluminium Industries, and others.

What is the price range for Aluminium Window Price?

Prices vary, but typically range from Rs. 1,100 to Rs. 1,500 per square foot, depending on the supplier and specific features.

What are the benefits of using aluminum windows?

Aluminum windows are easy to maintain, energy-efficient, fire-resistant, and eco-friendly due to their recyclability.

How do aluminum windows help with energy efficiency?

Modern aluminum windows can be made with insulating glass and thermal breaks to prevent heat transfer, reducing heating and cooling costs.

Why are aluminum windows considered low maintenance?

Aluminum windows do not rot or warp like wood and require only simple cleaning to maintain their appearance.

What makes aluminum windows environmentally friendly?

Aluminum is sustainable and can be recycled repeatedly without losing quality, making aluminum windows an eco-friendly choice.

What factors should be considered when choosing aluminum windows?

Consider pricing, quality, supplier reputation, warranty, and specific requirements such as size and style when selecting aluminum windows.

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