Sozo Water Park Ticket Price Today 2024

If you’re thinking about going to Sozo Water Park, the first thing you need to know is how much a ticket costs. We’ve got all the latest prices to help you plan your awesome day out.

Imagine a place where you can Enjoy, go down water slides, and splash in cool pools. That’s Sozo Water Park! Lots of families and kids love going there. In 2024, tickets cost PKR 1,200 for adults, PKR 800 for kids, and PKR 600 for seniors. It’s a great deal to have fun with your family and friends. Let’s learn more about having a blast at Sozo Water Park.

sozo water park ticket price in pakistan

Sozo Water Park Lahore Ticket Price Today

Planning a fun day out at Sozo Water Park in 2024? Check out the latest ticket prices to make sure you’re all set for a thrilling adventure!

DayAdult PriceChild Price
Monday550 PKR450 PKR
Tuesday700 PKR600 PKR
Wednesday700 PKR600 PKR
Thursday700 PKR600 PKR
Friday900 PKR800 PKR
Saturday900 PKR800 PKR
Sunday1200 PKR900 PKR

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Sozo Water Park Entry Ticket

If you’re planning a visit to Sozo Water Park, it’s essential to know the entry ticket prices. Keep in mind that the ticket prices may vary depending on factors such as weather and customer demand. In 2024, the ticket prices for Sozo Water Park were as follows:

Entry FeePKR 300 to PKR 800

Sozo Water Park Weekly Timing

Are you planning a trip to Sozo Water Park in 2024? Here are the park’s operating hours to help you plan your day of fun!

DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday10:00 AM6:00 PM
Tuesday10:00 AM6:00 PM
Wednesday10:00 AM6:00 PM
Thursday10:00 AM6:00 PM
Friday10:00 AM6:00 PM
Saturday10:00 AM7:00 PM
Sunday10:00 AM7:00 PM

Location of Sozo Water Park & Contacts

Sozo Water Park is conveniently located at Canal Bank Road, Jallo Park, Lahore, Pakistan. This prime location ensures easy access for visitors from across the city. For inquiries or assistance, you can contact the park using the following information:

AddressCanal Bank Road, near Jallo Park, Lahore, Pakistan

Tips for Visitors

Visiting Sozo Water Park can be an amazing experience if you plan ahead. Here are some helpful tips to make your day more enjoyable and hassle-free:

  • Arrive early to avoid long lines and get a good spot.
  • Wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun.
  • Bring a change of clothes and a towel.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
  • Follow the park rules and listen to the lifeguards for a safe visit.

Facilities at Sozo Water Park

Sozo Water Park has many fun facilities for everyone. There are big water slides that are super exciting. There’s also a wave pool where you can feel like you’re in the ocean. For little kids, there is a special area with smaller slides and shallow water.

If you get hungry, there are places to buy food and drinks. There are also picnic spots where you can sit and eat your lunch. The park has changing rooms and lockers to keep your stuff safe. Lifeguards are always watching to make sure everyone stays safe.

Why You Should Visit Sozo Water Park Lahore?

Sozo Water Park in Lahore is the perfect place for a fun-filled day with family and friends. The park offers a variety of thrilling water rides that cater to all age groups. From exciting slides to relaxing pools, there’s something for everyone. Here are some of the must-try water rides at Sozo Water Park:

No.Water Rides
1Round Slides
2Twister Slide
3Body Slides
4Racer Slides
5Half Pipe
7Speed Chutes
8Bullet Slide
9Drop Slides
10Kundal Slide
11Free Fall Slide
12Speed Slide
13Raft Flumes

Water Sports to Play at Sozo Water Park

Sozo Water Park offers not only exciting rides but also a variety of fun water sports to enjoy with friends and family. These activities add an extra layer of excitement to your visit, providing plenty of opportunities for friendly competition and team fun. Here are some of the water sports you can play at Sozo Water Park:

No.Water Sports
1Water Polo
2Ping Pong Pool
3Chicken Fight
4Pool Tags
5Water Bucket Races
6Water Volleyball

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Final Words

Sozo Water Park is a great place for a fun day with family and friends. With exciting rides, cool water sports, and helpful facilities, everyone can have a blast. Remember to check the latest ticket prices and timings before you go. Have a wonderful time making memories at Sozo Water Park!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the opening hours of Sozo Water Park?

Sozo Water Park opens at 10:00 AM and closes at 6:00 PM on weekdays. On weekends, it stays open until 7:00 PM.

How much are the tickets for Sozo Water Park?

Ticket prices in 2024 are PKR 1,200 for adults, PKR 800 for kids, and PKR 600 for seniors.

Is there a special area for kids at Sozo Water Park?

Yes, there is a special area with smaller slides and shallow water just for kids.

Can we bring our own food to Sozo Water Park?

You can bring your own food to enjoy in the picnic spots, but there are also places to buy food and drinks in the park.

Are there lifeguards at Sozo Water Park?

Yes, there are lifeguards on duty to make sure everyone stays safe while having fun.

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